Astrocycles for April 22, 2019

FINASTROCYCLES.COM: Thursday moon will be in the Libra. There is high rating for the reversal for 3% when Sun is in Aries and Moon in Libra. CYCLES: This is the 8th week of new primary cycle. Nifty bounced back from 17-day moving average, which is related to 5-8 weeks major cycle trough.

Wealth creation through guidance by the cosmos


A primer on financial market cycles

Founded by Nitin Bhandari in year 2001, Fin Astro Cycles provides a relatively new service to various Financial Markets.

Financial Astrology, often referred to as the futures sector in the industry, is an ever growing field that is relevant to everyone's life. From money management, to guidance in the stock market investments,equity and trading, Fin Astro Cycles helps you in wealth creation by guidance through the cosmos.


  • Long term investors
  • Indices traders
  • Commodity traders
  • Forex traders
  • Hedgers


All forecasts are based entirely on scientific data obtained by a specialised approach and inter-relation between cycles, technical, astrology and statistics.


All forecasts are based on the Law of Probability. All the related information to the risks related to the investment are not hidden and explained regularly (weekly, monthly, yearly) at the time of a forecast.


With more than 15 years of experience in various financial markets, Nitin Bhandari uses techniques which are unique. The base for these techniques is astrology as a science, resulting in higher accuracy.


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CNX Bank Nifty and it's constituents

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Precious Metals

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Raymond Merriman

MMA Cycles

Nitin Bhandari is one of the top graduates of the Merriman Market Timing Academy in 2014, after two years of intensive studies and several research projects, plus passage of the final exam with a very high score. He understands the concepts of cycles, and patterns within cycles. He understands how to identify and use geocosmic critical reversal dates. He also understands price objective theories and trend studies as taught by the Merriman Market Analyst. As a result of his excellent studies with MMTA, Nitin has been asked to write the monthly and weekly columns on crude oil for the MMA subscription reports, as well as in the MMA annual Forecast Book. In addition to being a good student and now a good analyst, Nitin also exhibits a very professional and intelligent demeanor with regard to his work as both a trader and an analyst for MMA. It is a pleasure to have such an outstanding individual associated with the Merriman Market Analyst, Inc.

Ralph Potter

Potter Charts

Nitin is an experienced trader with the same hunger for knowledge that he exhibited when he first became my student. He quickly became a master of the methods and techniques i taught and has developed his own style and methods, to compliment my own.  He proved his ability in the years that he managed the futures position at Renuka Sugars. He was known and admired throughout the sugar trade, as a competent, successful trader. He has been trading his own account, successfully, for a number of years. The skill and discipline that he acquired and perfected in the sugar trade has served him well. Nitin is also a gifted and generous teacher, passing on the lessons he has learned. I only wish there was something I could offer him, so that we could work together,again.

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